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11 Destinations That Take Your Water Sports Fantasies To A New High

Looking for a great place to indulge in some water sports this summer? Take a look at the destinations we can’t stop raving about, with great options in India as well!

1. Phuket & Koh Samui, Thailand

Wakeboarders Jumping from Water in Open Sea. Koh Samui, Thailand

Wakeboarders Jumping from Water in Open Sea. Koh Samui, Thailand © aragami12345s / Shutterstock

One of the easiest and most popular water sports here has to be jet skiing, where you can ride through the waves without extensive classes.

One of the most fun though has to be surfboarding – there’s nothing quite like riding the waves. There are also several kiteboarding and wakeboarding spots for people who are visiting Koh Samui.

From Phuket to Kata Yai, there are numerous surfing spots here that rival some of the best in the world.

Remember to do these only with an experienced professional since the rip tides in the area can be dangerous. Also stay safe from insect and mosquito related diseases by using repellents and creams and take care of your belongings at the beach!

Go During the high season (November to March) to make the most of the activities.

2. Goa, India

Parasailing at Candolim Beach in Goa, India

Parasailing at Candolim Beach in Goa, India © Murgermari / Shutterstock

You can choose from something as simple as fishing to something as complicated as jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving or wind surfing. Dinghy sailing is also very popular.

Goa is the most populated of all Indian water sport destinations, so if you’re looking for a place that’s always buzzing, here’s where to go. You don’t need experience to try most of these.

Go During the winter when the weather is cool. However, if off-season activities and quieter beaches are your thing and you can deal with the summer heat, summer is a good time to catch some waves too. Avoid visiting during monsoon.

3. The Andamans, India

Young Lady Snorkeling and Doing Skin Diving in a Tropical Sea

Young Lady Snorkeling and Doing Skin Diving in a Tropical Sea © Dudarev Mikhail / Shutterstock

Activities to enjoy here include scuba diving and snorkelling in particular because of the beautiful waters and marine species in the region. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to scuba dive, this is the best place to visit. The reefs and diving spots, including Bala Reef, Snake Island and Corruption Rock are tourist hot spots.

Para sailing and wind surfing take the cake with tourists.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the best destinations for water sports – and they’re great tourist destinations too! You may need a little experience here, but don’t worry – there are several water sport devoted regions that allow you to rent sail boats, learn how to kayak and even water ski!

Go During anytime of the year. Just remember to be extra careful during the monsoon.

4. Rishikesh and Lahaul, India

Rafting on the Ganges River in Rishikesh, India

Rafting on the Ganges River in Rishikesh, India © Rajat Khurana / Shutterstock

River rafting, an extreme sport with thrills and chills in balanced measure, is one of the most popular here.

The might Ganges and rivers such as the Chandrabhaga in Himachal are some of the best areas to get a little water sport activity in India. The waters around this area are the best for white water rafting, just be careful to do it under supervision.

Head Over between April to September.

5. Port Louis, Mauritius

Kayaking in the Sea

Kayaking in the Sea © Kuznetcov_Konstantin / Shutterstock

Sea kayaking is one of the most popular activities, especially since you can see several Mauritian marine life species through most of the year.

Swim with the dolphins; however, make sure you do it with a reputed company!

The lagoons in Mauritius are gorgeous, crystal clear and protected, and Port Louis is a great place to catch some of the action. Beware of cliffs, dangerous rocks and since the area is prone to flooding and cyclones so check the weather before your visit.

Go During May through October for the best weather. You can also visit in winter, when you can go deep-sea fishing.

6. Lake Tahoe, USA

Cruising on a stand-up surfer on Lake Tahoe, USA

Cruising on a stand-up surfer on Lake Tahoe, USA © Rudy Mareel / Shutterstock

The lake is a great place to kayak. There are also several spots where you can jet and water ski.

Paddling is also a good sport here and can help you see the surroundings.

A surprising destination in Nevada for water sports, this ranks high on the list of great places to indulge in some water adventures. The waters are calm here, which may make you believe that they’re not perfect for water sports – but they are, though you may require a little helping hand.

Go During March, April, May or from September to November.

7. Miami, USA

Shipwreck and Scuba Divers

Shipwreck and Scuba Divers © aquapix / Shutterstock

If you’re in the city, head to the coast for a little jet skiing.

You can also parasail and water ski in the area, but the best activities here have to be the snorkeling, wreck diving and scuba diving.

Not only is the weather amazing here, the water is perfect for several sporting activities.Miami is not the cheapest destination so plan and budget in advance.

Go During anytime of the year. Miami all year round that enjoys good weather for water sports.

8. Brisbane, Australia

Surfer on Blue Ocean Wave

Surfer on Blue Ocean Wave © EpicStockMedia / Shutterstock

When you think of Australia, you may think cricket, kangaroos… But we think surfing! Brisbane in particular is one of the most popular surfing destinations in the country.

The marine life here is so spectacular; it’s enough of a reason to scuba dive.

One of the activities you can’t miss when you’re here is stand up paddle boarding.

Head Over early in the year during January and February, when it’s summer and the water is at its best.

9. The Caribbean

Surfing in the Cayman

Surfing in the Cayman © Andy Morehouse / Shutterstock

If surfing is the sport for you, The Caribbean is the place to be. The islands around the place, especially the Cayman, often have amazing waves, which make it an enjoyable place to learn as well as get the most out of this sport.

Jet ski diving is also an extremely popular sport, best done in the tropical waters of this area.

Make sure that you pick an island that has easy access, since some are a little tough to get to and might prove more expensive and time consuming.

Go During December to mid-April when the weather is at its best.

10. Mykonos, Greece

Barefoot Water Skier on her Back with Water Spray

Barefoot Water Skier on her Back with Water Spray © EcoPrint / Shutterstock

Sure, Greece is all about relaxing and eating – but it’s also about water sports! The unlikely destination makes good on the promise to thrill you with several water skiing spots, especially in areas where the water is a little calmer.

Mykonos is the best place for water sports. The island has several activities, clubs and beaches where you can learn how to surf and barefoot ski!

Head Over: Since it’s an island area, most times of the year are good to visit. However, head over in the summer (around August) if you really want clear, blue water filled break filled with activity.

11. Lagos & Sagres, Portugal

Windsurfer Speeding Fast Against the Sunset

Windsurfer Speeding Fast Against the Sunset © Oksana Ph / Shutterstock

Sagres is one of the best areas with beaches and surf spots.

You can also make a trip to Lagos if you like to windsurf. You can also wakeboard, scuba dive and sail here!

Portugal is not the first destination that comes to mind for water sports but the up and coming water sport destination is quickly becoming a favourite.

Go During the summer, the beaches make it a good surfing destination during this season.

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The above article first appeared here, in April 2015.