Albania is a small country but with a big welcome! Situated in the Balkans region at has coastlines on the Adriatic and Ionian seas and is overlooked by the Albanian Alps and is a country rich in citadels and archaeological sites. Its southern coast is very popular with the visitor seeking sun and relaxation with its traditional Mediterranean villages, beautiful beaches, and for the adventurous it also has a lively nightlife. Italian is the first language of the country but English is rapidly gaining popularity as a second language, particularly among the young, though.

Albania has natural beauty in profusion and offers a remarkable array of unique attractions, not least due to its previous isolation. There are villages where time seems to have stood still and where the visitor can be assured of being most welcome by the locals. Although it has taken nearly two decades for Albania to be put firmly on the map as a destination for the discerning tourist, it is making up for lost time and can confidently compete with the rest of Eastern Europe. Let Holiday Hamster help you to find out more about Albania and help you plan that special visit.

Albania’s rugged coastline with many isolated bays and excellent beaches are waiting for the visitor to explore and there are still idyllic and breathtaking spots along this craggy coast, competing with unspoilt scenery and hills covered in olive groves. There’s plenty of reason to come here and explore this outstanding coastline and stunning scenery nut don’t leave it too long as the word is getting out how amazing Albania is.

Its thriving capital of Tirana, a beautiful and charming city, where the old and new Albania can be seen to meet up, with modern structures mingling with the old as it undergoes a major renovation. Whilst the city retains its small town feeling it has a surprisingly lively social life. Albanians are very hospitable towards its visitors with Tirana itself being noted for its welcome and hospitality. Let Holiday Hamster work with you to make your visit memorable.