Belgium is a country divided in two but only by language. Dutch-speaking Flanders found in the north and the French-speaking Wallonia to the south share wonderful architecture, medieval towns and the special foods which can be enjoyed in each of the regions. The capital of Belgium is Brussels which has grown from a fortress town, established in the 10th-century, to the thriving city it is today. The elaborate Grand-Place is at its heart with examples of other wonderful architecture from flamboyant guildhouses to 17th century Renaissance buildings and many superb creative museums. In Brussels and indeed throughout Belgium, can be found a vibrant theatrical and artistic life to attract and delight visitors, as well as fabulous food and the endlessly diverse Belgian beers created by no less than 180 breweries. Holiday Hamster will help you find what Belgium has to offer and guide you to the areas which appeal.

Perhaps Bruges, with its quaint cobbled lanes and wistful canals, and famous for its variety of chocolates is what you want and when there don’t miss visiting the Church of Our Lady where you will find the little known gem of a white marble sculpture of the ‘Madonna and Child’ created by Michelangelo. Exploring the port city of Ghent; which is noted for its 12th-century Gravensteen castle, the guildhalls and its medieval sites, may be what you are looking for, or perhaps visiting Antwerp; the second largest city in Belgium would appeal, it being attractive to lovers of the arts, fashion, shopping and night life, as well as anyone seeking precious gems which can be bought in this diamond capital of Europe. Whatever you are looking for to make your visit to Belgium complete Holiday Hamster will run around for you and make your visit to any or all of these areas as happy as possible.