Cast Members at the Disneyland Paris 25th Grand Celebration

A quarter century ago, the first and only Disney park in Europe opened its doors to the world. Today Disneyland Paris, with its employees and guests, celebrates its official 25th anniversary, with festivities across the resort to mark the occasion.

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An anniversary full of surprises

For its 25th Anniversary, Disneyland Paris planned a brand new show to pay tribute to its employees and guests. This one-day exclusive spectacular included a musical number performed by some of the 15,000 employees of France’s largest single-site employer.

During the past 25 years, Disneyland Paris has become an essential player in the world of French show business. Its employees, referred to as ‘Cast Members’, work every day to bring Disney magic to life for all guests.

This special event is a way of showing gratitude to these Cast Members for their talent and commitment, which has allowed Disneyland Paris to enchant and attract guests, generation after generation.

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This day of celebration is the occasion to take stock of how far we’ve come with our employees over these 25 years, continually working to offer an ever-more exceptional experience for our guests. We can’t wait to see what the next 25 years have in store!


Catherine Powell, Présidente of Euro Disney S.A.S.

Re-Live the Grand Celebration in the video below:

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