Halloween at Disneyland Paris

Enjoy something a little spooky? Want to hang out with Disney’s most evil villains? Or do you just enjoy the harvest of autumn? Halloween time is just for you! From October 1st to November 2nd come to experience Halloween at Disneyland Paris and enjoy Disney’s Halloween Festival! Every day you can join the villains in a most “frightening” show and meet ‘n’ greet and enjoy a photo or two at the Castle Stage! Be hypnotised by Jafa, show off your new coat to Cruella, flirt with Gaston or gaze at The Evil Queens beauty at the daily Villains’ Spectacular! Why not “come to the party? It’s a spooky-ooky, Halloween!”

Can you feel the autumn breeze now? Then why not watch “Mickey’s Harvest Celebration!” Come and see Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Chip and Dale, Winnie the Pooh, along with many more of our wonderful friends in their bright autumn coloured costumes on their brand new floats and celebrate the harvest season along Main Street U.S.A! Come and dance along with the entire parade while you “clap your hands and stomp your feet, cos’ it’s time to trick or treat!”

Every day you can go visit the pumpkin king himself; Jack Skellington from Tim Burtons’ The Nightmare before Christmas over in Frontierland with “Jack and Sally’s Cemetery” with a scary photo-location with the most “frightful” view of the eerie Phantom Manor.

Are the villains too scary for the little ones? Well don’t worry, as you can meet many of the original characters you love and adore around Main Street U.S.A! Every day you can meet either Minnie or that mischievous alien Stitch at Costume Corner in their Halloween costumes, over in Town Square you can visit Goofy with his Bonbon machine, or over by the boarding house you can say hello to that beautiful little kitten Marie with her cute orange bow!

Also don’t forget to join the Dr Facilier and the other villains in the amazing night-time show; ‘Disney Illuminations!’ every night on Sleeping Beauty Castle.

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Halloween Soirée

Love the night of the 31st? Then come and celebrate with Mickey and the Disney villains during the Evening Soirée! From 5pm come dressed up as your favourite character, from Jedi to ragdolls, to princesses and more until the Witching hour of 1am and enjoy the eerie night time atmosphere of the Soirée! Meet Jack Skellington in Frontierland or meet Tiana and Naveen as they celebrate Mardi Gras style on this one-a-year night-time event! Come join the gang for a pirate show on the castle stage with Minnie and friends!


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Disneyland Paris Halloween Party Ticket 2017



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