Frankfurt is a central German city located on the main river. It is the largest financial centre on the continent, hosting some of the world’s most important trade fairs which attracts thousands of business travellers. With plenty of steel and concrete skyscrapers, Frankfurt is unlike any other German city. At the heart of this city, there is an unexpected traditional and charming scene. Half-timbered buildings which are huddled in the quaint old city, apple wine taverns serving traditional hearty food. These are just a couple of things that make the heart of Frankfurt so original.

Plenty To See and Do

With so much to see and do, and always being able to find historical sights over and over, there will always be an attraction for you to see and enjoy. From museums to stunning architecture, there is so much history in this city, making it second to Berlin in Germany. Ideal for a short city break, but more importantly you will want to come back and see more.

Another time of year to visit Frankfurt is Christmas. From late November to just before Christmas there is an annual Christmas Market and the largest one in Germany. Set in the scenic surroundings of Romerburg and St Paul’s Square with the huge Christmas tree, it will make it a Christmas market for you to remember.