Venice is Italy’s floating jewel, composed of more than 100 islets packed together around canals. The city is located in a lagoon protected from the sea by a strip of land called lido.

There a 7 different museums in Venice each giving the tourist a sample of this beautiful cities rich historical past. The churches and Grand Canal bridges also have stories to tell.

Discover the dark side of Venice by doing the tour of the Doge’s palace, with walks through the secret passages revealing the prison cells and torture chambers as well as a chance to see Casanovas prison cell. These underground passages and rooms also house the Palazzo Ducale where artwork by Veronese and Tintoretto can be seen. Filled with stolen jewels from all around the world St Marks Basilica is another must see dark side of Venice.

By walking off the beaten track there is plenty to be discovered, remember Venice is the romance city of hidden paths and beaten tracks, the Rialto Bridge is a must see. For a more chilled out and relaxed excursion why not hop on a gondola through the peaceful canals.