Swakopmund is a city on the coast of Western Namibia, is considered to be the only real holiday resort. Its palm- lined streets, immaculate old buildings and well-kept gardens have become some of the reasons tourists flock to Namibia.

There is absolutely loads to do in Swakopmund, historically there are many attractions such as the 21 meter high lighthouse built in 1905 and the museum that accompanies it. The area has rich German history which clearly evident as you walk through the colonial towns.

For the avid thrill seeker or if you’ve decided to be adventurous there is skydiving, sandboarding down the red dunes and quad biking to be done. The quad biking experience is most certainly not for the faint hearted as you do gain some incredible speed racing down the steep dunes.

For the more relaxing activities there are aerial cruises to give you a birds eye view of the this beautiful country and its inside glory, horseback riding through the dessert and sand dunes or along the beach, with opportunity to have moonlight rides as well as camel back riding or even a dolphin and seal catamaran cruise in the neighboring town of Walvis bay.

No matter how short or how long there most certainly is enough to keep everyone busy.