Siavonga is spread out along the north bank of Lake Kariba and is host to holidaymakers both local and international all year round. The spectacular dam wall is nearby, which is also the Kariba crossing over into Zimbabwe.

The Zambezi valley is very hot in the summer months (October-March) but cooled down by the summer rains. (April-September) is classed as winter but is still warm and dry.

Although Lake Kariba is a vast water body it is more correctly a dam, as the water is held back by a dam wall. It is the largest man made reservoir in the world. It is a magnificent resource for water based holiday, including relaxing on a houseboat or watching the kids on the beach. For activity there is canoeing or skiing along the shores, fishing is also very popular and the sunsets need to be seen to be believed. Cultural tours are available as well as birding tours or if you really like engineering tours of the PowerStation are also an option.

There isn’t much in the way of big game on the Zambian side of the lake, although crocodiles and hippos are frequently seen, making swimming in the lake very dangerous but can be done for those who truly are brave enough. Siavonga is all about relaxing, the rich birdlife can help with that, whether for a few days or a week lake Kariba is a definite must see.