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Enjoy a fun-filled day while spending quality time with the whole family with this Family Treasure Hunt experience.

Whether you just want a gentle treasure hunt or something a bit more competitive, this activity is a unique and fun day out for groups of families and friends of all sizes.


The treasure hunt is held on public land in either a city, rural or London location. There are two different sets of clues which are based on things you will see as you follow the route. The easy clues are straightforward – they will ask you for a fact that you should be able to observe on the route, for example information on a plaque or statue. In the cryptic version, the clues are generally a bit more challenging. They may be harder to spot, require some interpretation or general knowledge, and a few will be slightly cryptic – a bit like a crossword clue.

You will also be provided with three bonus rounds that you can use alongside the main clues. These include:

– A picture round – pictures of things you can see on the route. Just write down where you saw the item pictured or find the name of the building or shop.

– Pub name clues – these are cryptic clues referring to the names of the pubs or bars that you can see on or from the route. (A few routes do not include this round because there are not enough pubs – see company website for details)

– Items to collect – a list of everyday, or not so every day, items for you to try to find or make as you go round the hunt route, for example ‘a picture of the Prime Minister’ (perhaps you could find or buy a newspaper).

The main clues are integrated with instructions for the route that you will need to follow. The instructions tell you where the hunt starts and which streets to go down. The main clues appear in the order you can expect to see them (but the picture and pub clues are jumbled up so you need to keep a look-out at all times).

Once you have redeemed your voucher and selected your location, you will receive a pdf file pack via email. You can then decide which sets of clues you want to use, print them off, and make as many copies as you need for the number of family members and friends taking part. As many people can take part as you would like, and they can enjoy the hunt at any time.

Please note, the London and city treasure hunts are all on foot, while the rural hunts will require a form of transport. All the rural hunts and many of the others are not a circular route so have different start and finish locations.

Please note: This is not an organised event, you will receive your treasure hunt pack to use in your own time.

Happy hunting!

  • Family Treasure Hunt – Key Info

    Voucher Validation

    • Your voucher is valid until 01 Nov 18
    • You must validate, book and use your voucher within the voucher expiry date.


    • The treasure hunt will take approximately 2 to 3 hours.

    Group Size:

    • There is no maximum group size for this activity, although larger parties may want to split into smaller groups.

    Weather Dependent: No


    • This experience is not suitable for spectators, but an unlimited number of people can take part.

    Restrictions and Considerations:

    • You need to have the ability to walk for 3 hours.
    • There is no minimum age for this experience, however it is recommended for eight year olds and over.


    • You do not need any qualifications to take part in this activity, although you will need to be able to drive for rural treasure hunts.


    • You can choose the date and time you wish to do the treasure hunt, throughout the year.
  • Family Treasure Hunt – Locations

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Watlington

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Cambridge

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Chester

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Daresbury

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Wareham

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Brighton

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Rye

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Thaxted

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Burton on the Water

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Manchester

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Chess Valley

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Rochester

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Whitstable

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Lancaster

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Chelsea

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Covent Garden

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Fitzrovia

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Hampstead

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Old East End

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Richmond

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Soho

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Southwark

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Spitalfields

    • Treasure Days Ltd – St Pauls and City

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Thames Riverside

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Tower Hill

    • Treasure Days Ltd – West End

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Westminster

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Liverpool

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Edinburgh

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Burnham Overy Staithe

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Norwich

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Henley on Thames

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Oxford

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Bath

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Lichfield

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Aldeburgh

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Southwold

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Old Woking

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Birmingham

    • Treasure Days Ltd – Chichester

    • Treasure Days Ltd – York