Railay Beaches and Caves is one of Thailand’s most popular beach areas accessible only by boat, consists of lagoons caves view points and limestone cliffs. Krabi town is one of the quieter, laid back, more traditional towns, and is the perfect place to experience the genuine Thai culture and hospitality, whether it be while shopping or while sampling one of their quaint restaurants.

This beautiful island is also home to the Klang Thom Hot Springs, formed naturally by volcanic chambers, they are believed to ease ailments such as rheumatism, sciatica and skin problems. Although not medically proven, still a natural wonder that has to be seen.

The Wat Tham Sua Tiger Cave is another must see, one of the most famous caves in the area, consists of a temple complex where monks live and worship, however the main attraction is what appears to be tiger paw prints in the stone walls of one of the many caves.

There certainly is something for everyone and will most definitely leave an ever lasting impression of this beautiful island and the amazing holiday you had here.