Ellie Steadman, Travel Consultant, Holiday Hamster

Ellie Steadman

Travel Consultant

About Ellie

Hello! I’m Ellie and I’m a Travel Consultant at Holiday Hamster.

I live in Essex, quite close to London, where you will often find me going to see a show or seeing what is new at the Disney Store!

I’m a huge Disney fan and like many grew up watching the movies, wishing I could be a Disney princess, learning all the songs and longing to visit the Disney Parks. I didn’t make it over to one of the theme parks until I was 14 years old, but one visit was all it took to get me hooked and now I like to visit as often as possible. My favourite Disney Movie is Beauty and the Beast, Magic Kingdom is my favourite Disney Park and I’d love to one day try out a Disney Cruise!

I love nothing more than booking, planning and going on trips to the Disney parks, being able to do this for others whilst working at Holiday Hamster is something I am absolutely loving doing! I’ve visited the Disney Parks a lot over the last few years and have gained a lot of knowledge on all aspects of visiting the parks, so once you’ve booked your trip I’ll be able to help you make your trip the most magical one possible.

A big part of my life is my YouTube Channel where I share vlogs of my life and my trips to Disney, videos about things I’m loving or passionate about, as well as videos of Disney tips and tricks. I’ve been making videos for about three years after progressing on from a beauty blog. YouTube is now such a big part of my life that it feels strange if I do not have a camera in my hand to share what I’m up to so I can document my life online. Making videos and sharing them with others  is one of my biggest loves and I’m so grateful that I took the leap to start doing it!

I’m also a big fan of musical theatre, eating lots of pizza and spending time with my super fluffy dog. I’m a family and friends oriented person, and love spending time with the people that mean the world to me.

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