Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland best known for the birth place of the RMS Titanic, is broken up into quarters as well as areas. Each quarter represents a large portion of the rich historical past this country possesses.

Some of the main attractions in the Cathedral Quarter consist of:

*Albert clock Belfast’s answer to the leaning tower of Pisa,

*Belfast Cathedral the church of St. Anne,

*The MAC (Metropolitan Arts Centre) where tourists and locals alike can be entertained by local and international talent,

*Oh yeah music center a must see for any music fan

*War Memorial Gallery

Located in the Market Quarter is the St Georges Market one of Belfast’s oldest attractions where tourists and locals alike gather on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday to buy and sample the best and freshest local produce available.

The busiest Quarter and possibly one of Northern Irelands biggest tourist attractions is the Titanic Quarter commonly visited so people can see for their own eyes where the birth of the titanic all began… this can be done by visiting Harland and Wolff HQ and Drawing Offices the place where the plans for the Titanic as well as the sister ship the Olympic were devised, The Titanic Belfast the museum, as well as the Titanic Slipways.  A more recent reason to visit Belfast is to see the where Game of Thrones all began, this can be done in the Paint Hall also known as Titanic Studios which is located only minutes away from other filming locations such as The Kings Road, Winterfall, The Wall and Dragonstone.

There is most definitely something for everyone to do…