Paris is a must see place, with it’s beautiful monuments and stunning scenery there are things for everyone to do.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris’ most iconic monument, is a definite must do. When at the top there are some spectacular views of this stunning city to take in.

Why not take the kids for a magical holiday at Disneyland Paris. Here they will see their favourite characters and ride their favourite rides. Disney is not just for kids, there is plenty for the adults to do as well. From thrilling rides to spectacular shows, there is something for everyone.

Why not enjoy a trip down the Sienne, either by day or by night, where you can see some more of the views that the city has to offer.  Why not view the city in the evening and see it by it’s well known nickname ‘The City of Light’ .  Then there’s the traditional French food, so why not head to one of the many beautiful restaurants in the city where you can try out the local cuisine, and even enjoy some beautiful French wine.